A seasonal newsletter to share more about the work I do alongside the honey bees as I run this little enterprise called Keepers. Published four times a year — never more, never less — it will feature apiary adventures, reflections on the past season in Maine, and more. I promise to keep it interesting!


For paying subscribers, ($5/month, $50/year) I will be sharing more frequent updates geared towards giving you insight into the weekly rhythm of my beekeeping work in real time. This is ideal for beekeepers of all levels in New England who’d like to follow along and compare notes. It is also for anyone else passionate about bees who want to learn more, and support the work of a local beekeeper. Basically, when it comes to beekeeping, my beeswax is your beeswax and I’m here to share what knowledge I have and the learning I’m doing along the way. 


During the active bee season (May through October) paid subscribers can expect to receive bi-weekly updates; during the winter this content will be delivered on a monthly basis. If you'd like to sign up for this, select one of the paid subscription options. Please note, if you are already a client with Keepers, this tier is included in the cost you are already paying and your email is already included on the subscription list.